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08/04/22 Gem State Gems Update

By Shirley Harper
Dennis and FishI feel as if our summer is simply flying by & there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we want/need to do!
I am extremely excited to report that Don & Gerald from Integrity Painting have been over, power washed, primed and gotten everything ready for PAINTING!! I am extremely excited to see the finished product! I believe that our color choices will help us stand out a bit more & be easier to see as you drive along Riverside!
Dr. Harper & I will be out of town next week the 5th– the 13th of August. The girls at the front desk will be in to answer phones, do Therapy & assist you as needed.
Dr. Morris will be available also, please call the front desk at 208-476-3158 for his schedule.
Life is funny, I say that because we have been searching for a Chiropractor for several years now and have come up pretty much empty handed!
A few months ago, we had to make a trip down south to meet a colleague. While we were there we stopped by the practice of our friend Dr. Lyn Hansen. He was with a patient and while we were waiting to see him Dennis was doing what he does best, (chatting with Lyn’s staff.) He ended up doing some simple treatments with one for the staff. She was so impressed she called her son-in-law that day and told him he needed to talk to Dr. Harper. Jackson reached out to us right away and before we knew it they came to visit! Meeting Jackson and his wife Hailey and son Derrick we were immediately impressed with how solid, down to earth, and grounded they were. They drove all the way from Texas to meet us and to take a look at our practice and see our little slice of paradise! Jackson is currently in Texas completing his final year of Chiropractic training. We are looking into a Preceptorship here with Dr. Harper to complete his Graduation requirements. Both Dr Harper and I agreed that it would be hard to find a sharper more grounded couple than them! Hailey is working toward a degree as a nurse practitioner, and we hope they feel this would be a good fit for them. We believe they would be a real asset to our practice and to our Community.
Other things of note, Dennis caught a nice bass over the weekend! I think it’s one of the biggest I’ve seen! It was a perfect ending to our weekend!
Dr. Harper will be back in the office on Monday the 15th for regular office hours.
The Shubins

Visiting prospective trainees Jackson and Hailey!


We are excited to reveal our new office colors! Thank you to Don & Gerald from Integrity Painting!