Dr. Harper & I returned Sunday from our week in Columbia Falls, Mt. We were blessed with perfect weather… even with a wildfire close by! The fire wasn’t out of control and had very little smoke associated with it.
I tried golfing for the first time and did passably well, parts of my game resembled croquet with an iron rather than a wooden mallet and putting was more like a pin ball game as I zigged & zagged from one side of the green to the other! Long walks, beautiful scenery, naps, and a few sightseeing trips made up the bulk of our week and was “just what the doctor ordered!”
Click here to see me golfing: https://vimeo.com/740181401
News from the office is plentiful. We were honored to receive an absolutely gorgeous sculpture, presented to Dr. Harper by Renowned Artist Dale Ferguson in appreciation for Dr. Harper’s help in keeping him able to create his amazing art pieces. This particular piece is titled Vortex “Spirit of Sedona.” And is a limited edition. The other one is on display at a gallery in Sedona, Az. Dr. Harper is incredibly honored to receive such a gift. The sculpture is on display at the front desk. Thank you Dale, we are deeply honored by your touching gift.
Will Godfrey was in our first day back from vacation to show Dr. Harper the medals he won at the Senior Olympic Games held in Boise, Id. recently. He told us he could not have done it without Dr. Harpers help! Will won Gold in the Shotput and Discus events. Congratulations Will!
Other news is that Don & Gerald of Integrity Painting were hard at work the week we were gone and completed an amazing paint job on our building! It looks absolutely fabulous and even Don said “usually I think every project turns out well, but this one really did turn out well! The colors really look good!” I couldn’t agree more Don! When I walk up to the door, the bright yellow just makes me smile, it gives me a happy feeling inside. Some people may think it a bit wild, but the fact is, health & happiness go hand in hand!
Our next adventure will be our annual Homecoming Retreat for doctors that will be held here in Orofino on September 20-22, 2022. We have doctors coming from all over the country to brush up on the latest techniques and become reacquainted with the art of physical medicine. Dr. Harper is an expert in the art of physical exam and is renowned for his Differential Diagnosis Skills. With the advent of Electronic Medical Records, advancements in technology, and the recent surge in Tele-medicine we are losing the “hands-on approach to medicine that has been the foundation of the medical profession since it’s inception. Our focus is going to be on reconnecting with a hands-on approach to physical medicine!
In an effort to provide the Clearwater Valley with the most comprehensive medical care available we extend an open invitation to our colleagues at St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Health that might wish to attend all, or part of our Homecoming Retreat weekend!
Working hand-in -hand to provide an array of treatment options for the Health of our Community is our goal at Gem State Holistic Health! Find more info on that here: HOMECOMING