350 degrees Appx 30 minutes (cooking times vary with size) 1 med-lg Zucchini ½-1 C. Cauliflower ½- 1 Red Onion 1-2 TBSP Garlic or to taste 1-2 C.

STUFFED ZUCCHINI2021-08-10T23:54:35+00:00



JONATHAN’S HEALTHY COOKIES 2 2/3rd C.                   Oats 1/3rd  C.                    All-purpose Flour (substitute Hazelnut Flour if desired) 1/3rd   C.                    Rye Flour  (Jonathan recommends Almond Flour instead) 2 Pinches                 Salt 1/2tsp                        Baking Soda 1/2tsp                       

JONATHAN’S HEALTHY COOKIES2021-06-01T18:24:42+00:00

Chicken Crusted Pizza


Harper's Chicken Crusted Pizza Add or customize with your favorite ingredients! The Ingredients we prefer: 6 Cup Ground Raw Chicken or 2 Rolls Iserno Brand Ground Italian or Spicy Chicken Sausage (Win- Co)

Chicken Crusted Pizza2021-03-24T20:56:12+00:00

Shirley’s Sautéed Pea Salad


Shirley’s Sautéed Pea Salad Add or customize with your favorite ingredients! The Ingredients we prefer: 1 Tsp                  Diced or Chopped Garlic 2-4 Tbsp            * Coconut Amino’s (soy sauce substitute) ½ tsp                    Oil of choice

Shirley’s Sautéed Pea Salad2021-03-24T20:47:27+00:00

Creamy Chicken Salad


Creamy Chicken Salad Add all of your favorite ingredients for a cool creamy taste sensation The Ingredients we prefer: 2 Cups + Chopped or Diced Chicken Cooked 2/3 Cup+ Avocado Mayo (Costco) 1/3

Creamy Chicken Salad2020-12-30T00:59:06+00:00

Air Fryer Brussel Spouts!


Listen as Dennis Harper, DC goes above and beyond showing off his air frying skills with a yummy Brussel Spouts recipe for one of his clients!

Air Fryer Brussel Spouts!2020-08-27T23:03:42+00:00
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