Chronic Pain

Is Your Environment Making You Sicker?

Many people live with pain every day. It’s there when you wake and keeps you from getting out of bed, and it is there when you lay down at the end of the day, exhausted and depressed from dealing with it.
If pain is the problem, then what is the solution?
Where does the Pain come from?
The Doctors at the Gem State Holistic Health Center focus on pain. Their goal in long term pain elimination is to wean the patient off meds and develop a Medical Management System that mitigates or completely eliminates pain from the patient’s life.
The first step in pain management is determining what kind of pain you suffer from and where it comes from.
Is it an acute pain from an injury? Gem State Doctors will determine a Pain Management treatment that promotes healing. This pain will be gone over time.
Is it degenerative, chronic pain? As the body ages, or is used in unhealthy ways, muscles can ache, bones and joints can be impacted by arthritis, and circulation problems can cause parts of the body to lose efficiency. Hormones are a major factor in treating/eliminating pain.
Is it post-surgical pain? Many people find that pain persists even after a surgery. This is directly related to your overall condition, diet, nutrition, and the ability of the body to heal in a healthy fashion rather than just putting down scar tissue. Ozone is an amazing tool in breaking down scar tissue, and supplying oxygen to help create a healthier environment that supports healing.
What about Environmental Impacts?  
How much of an impact does your environment play on your day-to-day health? And how much does it affect treatment choices? Gem State Specialists will always look into environmental effects when determining how the patient is impacted by pain. Shorter days, lack of sunlight and outdoor activities, depression, nutrition, loss of appetite- all of these factors contribute to how one feels.
Some factors are invisible but harmful- mold in the walls, pollutants in the water, and pollution from nearby industrial complexes can degrade the body over time and cause headaches, nausea and even more serious maladies.
Being ‘out of sorts’ often causes the patient to focus on pain rather than activities, thereby preventing a normal lifestyle.
During consultation, the Gem State Doctors will ask about your living conditions, exposure to contaminants, chemicals, and stress all need to be evaluated.

How Can Gem State Holistic Health Clinic Help You?

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