02/09/21 Gem State Gems Update

2022 February Evening Chat-01By Shirley Harper
Greetings friends, time for an update on our clinic remodeling. While we were in Puerto Vallarta the new flooring arrived and the team from Hale Family Flooring got right to
work installing it! By the time Dr. Harper and I arrived home on Monday night they had about 2/3rds of the work done. The balance is scheduled to be completed over the weekend.
We are really excited to see the finished product! We have several other improvements in the works as well. A new sink in Dr Morris exam room, a wall mounted computer stand for Dr. Harper in Exam room 3. Plus, new lighting for our new sign out front.
We are excited to begin our new year of Clinic Classes and will kick off this year with a Discussion about the “Cost of Pain.” The discussion will center around Treatments, cost and effectiveness of traditional versus holistic practices.
Dr. Morris should have a regular schedule for the month of February as will Dr. Harper with the exception of Thursday the 24th of February when we will be teaching in Atlanta.

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