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A little more about our Clinic and it’s people…

First let us welcome you all to our new Harper Chiropractic website! We have been working very hard to spruce up the website and to improve the content! We are also trying to send out monthly newsletters that are fun and informative!  We are also holding monthly classes here in the clinic for anyone interested in improving their health or maximizing their healthy lifestyle! If you have questions or areas of concern that you would like to know more about please contact us at or leave questions or comments on this site.

On a more personal note, Dr. Harper has been practicing in Orofino since 1984. During his years of practice, he began to notice that his patients were getting sicker, and their ability to hold an adjustment was decreasing. In his search for the reason he began looking at nutritional health, which was in steady decline with the increase of processed foods and the erosion of the gut due to wheat and gluten intolerance. This led to his study of ozone and the amazing effects it provides. Having attended a class by Dr. Frank Shallenberger he saw an immediate need for a better diagnostic portion of the training. He worked with Frank for a while, and then decided to put together his own classes. From there we evolved into HRS (Harper Restoration Systems) where he currently teaches and speaks both nationally and internationally.

After years of research, teaching and learning we firmly believe that prevention is the true key to health. At Harper Chiropractic we take your health seriously. However, we can’t be more serious about your health than you are! If you are interested in improving your health or seeking treatment for an existing condition, or simply want to age with beauty and grace, please make an appointment today. There are many things you can do immediately to improve your health that cost nothing. Come in and see us, we will be happy to give you a Road map to better health!

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Our Community Health Partners

Healing Harvest Homestead – Heidi Villegas

Heidi Villegas is a local certified professional level aromatherapist and community/clinical herbalist. She’s been actively studying herbalism and aromatics for nearly two decades and has been teaching students online about how to work with herbs and essential oils to support their wellness. She’s also a homesteader, gardener, and loves foraging for medicinal herbs.

Thors Forge Farms

Local farm fresh foods.  Find out more by checking out their Facebook page!

Winchester Ridge Farm

Raising Rambouillet Lambs
From our Pastures to your Table
Selling Whole Lambs
Half Lambs

Lamb Cuts by the Package (USDA Inspected)

Sarah McGrath

Yoga Classes, find the current schedule on our local hospital’s facebook page.

Orofino Physical Therapy

Orofino Physical Therapy

Certified Physical Therapists to cover all your needs. Visit to find out more!

Latest News

Gem State Holiday Schedule

OPEN HOUSE AND HOLIDAY SCHEDULE We would like to invite you to our Patient Appreciation/Christmas Open House at the clinic on Thursday December 21st.

Harvey Neese

Immediate Results With My Back Problems ~ Jeanna from Craigmont, Idaho

After having my second child, I had constant lower back pain. So bad that by evening all I wanted to do was lay flat on by back. It was affecting my work and my time with my children. I went to a chiropractor at least twice a month. After researching on the Internet and talking around town, I heard of this treatment. I went for my consultation and had the therapy done the same day. I immediately saw results. After about two weeks I would say it was 70% better. I had a second therapy done about two months later. I am now 100% better. I can’t believe the change it has made for me. I am able to play with my kids again!

You were very kind seeing me in late August trying to get my back restored to health.  I want to let you know that you were completely successful. I got back to some form of function immediately after seeing you, then, two weeks after seeing you, in the span of 15 minutes, the pressure and pain went away, and has stayed away.  I keep exercising, focusing on my core muscles, and have had no problems since seeing you. This includes mountain bike riding, skiing, and hiking. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I was ready for surgery on a prayer that it would work, knowing full well that the success rate is very small. You have stopped that in its tracks.  This thank you is long overdue, but the later it is, with no further back problems, the more of a testament it is to the job you have done.  Thank you very much!

Back Problems Resolved!      ~ Bill from Genesee, IdahoGenesee, Idaho

I decided to come back up to see you and see what this new treatment you were using was all about and maybe try it out if you thought it would help my neck and shoulders. I do think that I can summarize the potential of the therapy treatment in about three words: ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, AMAZING. After 5 years of pain and probably thousands of dollars spent in various treatments, you have done for me what had not been done. In just a little over a month’s time you have helped me to be about 95% pain free and getting better each day. Thank you for giving me back my life.

Neck & Back Pain Relief Finally! ~ Kathy from Lewiston, Idaho
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