Commentary by Shirley Harper
I thought these numbers were very interesting as it appears that contrary to all the press about the “unvaccinated” keeping our hospitals full to overflowing, forcing Idaho into the “crisis standards of care” requiring the assistance of the National Guard, the numbers do not appear to reflect this position. These numbers are totals of both confirmed and probable cases dating back to March of 2020.
A recent article in the Clearwater Progress gives a much more plausible explanation of the current shortage of hospital beds in Idaho, and likely much of the rest of the country.
In the article author Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Health Freedom Foundation speaks to a long history of poor policy, poor management, and soaring profit margins that have resulted in the shortages we are facing now. Couple this with workers refusing to bow to the “mandatory vaccination” contagion sweeping the country and it becomes clear where the real crisis lies.
Image from the Lewiston Morning Tribune, Friday the 15th
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