Happy Daylight Savings Time to All! I always love coming from the dark dreary winter months into the light and sunshine of spring! I woke up this morning with a “spring” in my step and a smile on my face! Dr. Harper on the other hand was doing so much sighing and groaning I told him he sounded like he was 100 years old! He informed me he was missing that extra hour of sleep. Wherever you are today, springing or sighing, Happy spring!

We are excited about our upcoming clinic class next Tuesday the 21st of March at 6:00 pm here in the clinic, our Special Guest Speaker will be Dawn Ring,  Certified Nutritional Coach, (and friend) who will be talking about the Importance of Macro Nutrients. This will be especially important for the folks who have joined the Aspire Program. Also vital for everyone trying to make improvements to their health. The key to any weight loss, muscle gain, healthy lifestyle is not about denying yourself, but about giving your body the fuel it needs to burn fat, build muscle and be healthy.   ASPIRE to Achieve Safe Practical Insightful Results Every day!   It’s a lifestyle not a diet!

03132023ProgressWhat I have learned so far in my journey out of “weak obesity” is that proper nutrition is everything! Two weeks ago I was going along great with my program to build muscle, working out every day, however eating all that was required was a challenge. I was happy that I had gained 4.6 lbs. of muscle and dropped 1.8 lbs. of fat, (in spite of the rising number on my scale) I was pretty excited! However, because I wasn’t getting enough Carbs and Protein I ended up losing 2+ lbs. of muscle and regaining a pound + in fat. Being able to see how fast that could happen with the In Body Scanner made me extra committed to getting ALL the recommended Carbs, Fats & Proteins my body needs, even though I feel like I’m eating nonstop. I’ve learned my lesson and have since regained what I lost, and lost what I regained! Lol!  LESSON LEARNED YOU CAN’T IGNORE YOUR MACRO’S! Your body knows when you cheat and it will get what it needs, from wherever it has to!

Note to our patients, Dr. Harper will be gone from March 29th, through the 12th of April. We will be vacationing and doing a workshop at the Ozone Masters training in Miami the 7th-9th of April. We will be in the office again on Thursday the 13th. We are fortunate to again have Dr. Mitch Sill here while we are away! Please stop in and see him while we are gone, we understand he already has some patients that want to come see him when he comes back! Remember if you need your CDL get it before we go!