By Shirley Harper

We had our first fall class on Tuesday the 17th. Of October. We were pleased that it was once again well attended and well received by the audience.

Dr. Harper shared with the group what is happening in the Peptide world. Peptides are small pieces of an amino acid that provokes a particular reaction to occur. Many people are using peptides as a “fountain of youth” scenario in their health care routines.

Some of the problems associated with peptides is they aren’t easily acquired from a reputable source. They can be expensive, and many require a prescription to order. In the last few weeks, the FDA has ordered the Compounding Pharmacies to stop making these peptides. This is not a surprise to Holistic Practitioners who are frequently targeted by Pharmaceutical Companies who depend on the FDA & the FTC to stop any medical treatments or practices that help people without the use of Drugs. It is only a few years since they waged war on Compounded B Vitamins, they fortunately lost that battle.

For a complete list of recently banned peptides, you can check here:  You will also find a list of Peptides that we have incorporated into a nutritional supplement that was finished just ahead of the most recent assault on our health. Contact Shirley if you have questions about peptides and what they do.

I gave the class an update on our Aspire Program. Many of our folks have reached the 6-month mark and we have lost almost 500 pounds collectively! That is pretty exciting news. Congratulations to you all! A couple of things I noticed running the numbers are #1 along with pounds lost, our group is also experiencing some muscle loss as well. This is not what we want to see! We need to be eating plenty of Protein and doing strength training as well to build muscle which will in turn burn fat even while we are doing nothing.

#2 Due to the effects of the Semaglutide our stomachs stay fuller longer which decreases our appetite which makes us more prone to snacking rather than consuming healthy fats and proteins.

I have uploaded several “Band workouts as well as several strength training workout options for you to take advantage of. Let’s all try to commit to increasing our strength and decreasing snacking that doesn’t include protein.

— Links to band Workouts HERE is a good tool that will give you an idea of how much protein you need to consume based on your stats and goals.

Have a Blessed week!