NEwsletter Heading

By Shirley Harper
Tis the season to share the Joy & Goodwill that are unique to the Christmas Season.
As always we are touched by the cards, treats, and well wishes we get from our wonderful patients during the Holidays. This year we were surprised and humbled by the generosity of one patient who dropped by the office last week to gift us with an absolutely gorgeous table that he made himself. It is especially precious to us as it was crafted from a piece of Cedar that he got from Dworshak Reservoir. As you know Dr. Harper and I have a fondness for Dworshak and spend much of our summer there. Let me just say we were both touched by not only the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece but by the very idea that he would do that for us. It was very heartwarming and a perfect addition to the office. We’ve taken it up another notch! Thank you Chris Anderson are you in the market to take some orders to make more of these? I can definitely give you a recommendation and invite anyone to come out and take a look at our beautiful new addition!
A couple other things I want to share are that beginning in January Dr. Morris will be doing FAA Airmen Medical Exams Class 2 & 3 certificates.
Call today to schedule yours!
Also new on the horizon will be something we shared during our last Clinic Class in November. We are working hard to put together a program that will help people that are doing the right things dietarily, balancing hormones and yet struggle to lose weight. I hesitate to call it a “weight loss program” because it is so much more than that. We have yet to decide on a name and would love to hear your suggestions. Call or stop by or leave comments on Facebook with your ideas. If we use your suggestion there may be a surprise in it for you! Look for more information at our February class!
Until then we wish you all Health, Happiness, and Blessings in the New Year!
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