NEwsletter Heading
By Shirley Harper
As we work our way into another beautiful Idaho summer, Dr Harper & I have logged 2 weekends on Dworshak so far. One was cool & cloudy with some rain, and the other was picture perfect!
Our ASPIRE program is in full swing, and I am happy to report that since March 1st our total weight loss has been 151 lbs. with a 28.2 lb. skeletal muscle gain and lost a total of 103lbs for body fat! Congratulations to our Aspire Club! And our total weight change for all patients that are using the InBody scanner to track their fitness goals the total weight loss is 183 lbs.! Remember you don’t have to be on the Aspire program to take charge of your health. Come in get scanned then begin or continue your at home weight loss efforts. Come back and scan to see if you are making progress. Step by step we are making healthy lifestyle choices!
I have had several people contact me about the Tanning program if you are interested in the program please contact Shirley @ I am working to get enough in stock as individual ordering is a bit laborious!
Other news of note is, Clinic Class on Tuesday June 20th at 6:00pm here in the clinic. The office will be closed on Monday July 3rd as well as Tuesday July 4th. Patients should try to book in advance for routine appointments as our wait times are increasing.
I’m including a couple of fun pictures from our weekend spent at home. We all took advantage of free fighting day on Saturday, so Grandpa could take Javi out for his first official fishing trip. It was a picture-perfect day at tunnels pond and even our resident swan came out to watch! Sunday was a workday at the cabin. Not to worry grandpa had plenty of help from Javi and his Dad Michael Hunter.
We encourage each of you to make time to relax and do what you enjoy! Life is too short not to!
Javi & Grandpa Cabin
Javis first fish tunnels pond
Grandpa & Javi getting ready to fish