Dennis Harper AwardBy Shirley Harper
We are just back from our Florida trip, having left Ft. Lauderdale literally hours ahead of the “rain of the century”, that put down 25 inches of rain, and shut down their airport for close to 2 days. Fortunately, we weathered the storm in Coral Gables where we had 2 full days of rain, but no flooding or airport closures.
While vacationing, Dr. Harper did manage to conduct a workshop for Ozone Masters and received an award “In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Ozone Master Classes VI”.
Dr. Harper was also asked to work with the Hermann Group as the International face of Ozone in the near future; he will speak in Austria next year at one of their main events. (Darn looks like a European vacation is in our future)! The office continues to thrive, and we very much appreciate Dr. Mitch Sill and his willingness to fill in for us. And we very much appreciate our patients’ understanding and willingness to allow us time to recharge!
Our next clinic class will be on Tuesday May second at 6:00 pm in the clinic. This class will be interactive. Meaning there will be much audience participation involved. So put your thinking caps on and bring a list of the 3 top things you would do, learn about, or need to start your health care journey.
The Aspire program is going well, and we again encourage everyone to come in and get an In Body Scan done. It is the easiest way to take control of your health! You do not need to be a member of the Aspire program, and there is no charge for the scan. You can go to to learn more about what In Body
scanning can tell you about your health.