By Shirley Harper

The summer is flying by and I for one would like to push the pause button!! I haven’t had nearly enough lake time yet!!

We continue to be busy in the office, Dr. Harper is booking out a week or so. If you need an appointment please don’t put it off. The days of walk-in availability are really a thing of the past anymore.

We are reaping the rewards of having awesome patients who share the bounty of their gardens with us, and we appreciate them very much!

An update on our ASPIRE Program is as of this writing 07/25/2023 our group has collectively lost 347 pounds! Congratulations everyone!

Dr. Harper & I will be gone next, the week of September 17-24th. We have no other out of town trips planned until then. Dr. Mitch will be here to cover for us.

We have been looking for another Chiropractor for quite some time as many of you know. We have a Dr. & his wife that will be here this Friday to take a look around town and see what they think of the area. They are looking for a small town, and in that respect I think we fit the bill! We are blessed to live in a wonderful area and have great patients as well. Life doesn’t get much better than that!


Ok time for me to get more sun! lol Enjoy your summer!