Burley 03-20 Burley 03-20What do you do after an incredibly busy week in the office? Well, if you are Dr’s Harper & Morris you might jump in a truck Thursday afternoon and drive to Burley Idaho. Why would anyone want to do that you might ask? The answer would be to be part of the culmination of years of efforts to bring together Practitioners in the State that believe in more holistic, natural, effective treatment approaches, or in the case of many Idaho Chiropractors return what was taken from them through some regulatory sleight of hand. Dr. Harper was honored to be asked to speak at the opening event.

With a tremendous amount of support from Senate Majority Leader, Senator Kelly Anthon of Declo, Idaho, this was accomplished through no small effort by many dedicated practitioners DC’s, ND’s MD’s all who have been negatively impacted by Big Pharma, that controls the  FDA and persecution from their own licensing boards! Like virtually every aspect of life post Covid, politics takes precedent over people. We see people everyday that have fallen victim to this sad reality. In an effort to better serve the health care needs of the people and the encouragement of many, Idaho Governor Brad Little Appointed a Board for the Naturopathic Physicians Association of Idaho (NPAI), and we were in Burley this weekend to attend the first meeting! While there is much work to be done yet as we move forward, I am excited and hopeful for the people of Idaho who will have access to practitioners that truly believe in their Oath  “First Do NO Harm” which sadly has become more of a tag line than a Tenet.

We are back in Clinic today, looking forward to our clinic class tomorrow evening when guest speaker Dawn Ring will talk about the Importance of Macronutrients to losing weight, building muscle and improving health! We hope to see you all Tuesday evening at 6:00pm in the Clinic.

Dr. Harper & I will be away from the office from Wednesday,  March 29th, through Wednesday, April, 12th. Dr. Mitch Sill will be returning to cover for Dr. Harper while we are away! Remember No DOT Physicals will be done in our absence so schedule yours today!