Both Dr. Morris & Dr. Harper are being kept busy in the clinic and as always we very much appreciate our patients and the opportunity they afford us to be effective in their lives, we are all enriched by the healing synergy that happens here!
Dr. Harper and I were in Salt Lake City over the Mother’s Day weekend securing supplies for the clinic and build relationships that will help us better serve our patients in the future!
On a personal note, we arrived home on Saturday afternoon, and Dr. Harper started off my Mother’s Day weekend with my favorite treat, Corn on the Cob! I would personally like top Thank Maize Daniels for hosting a lovely Mother’s Day Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar at the Edge, and Darrell for entertaining Javi so both Mothers were able to enjoy a relaxing visit before returning home for a nice brunch courtesy of my wonderful husband Dr. Harper! We are looking forward to seeing more of Maize’s inspirations in the months ahead.
This week we are finalizing plans & details for our upcoming training seminar that will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the weekend of May 21-23. We are excited to be training local doctors in the procedures Dr. Harper practices here in our clinic. There is a real need for the safe, easy, effective & affordable care he is so good at giving!
With that said we will be out of the office from the 18th through the 30th . Dr. Harper has given me strict orders to make sure none of our valued patients hurt themselves while we are away! So please be careful while we are gone and if you are currently having a problem no matter how minor, treating sooner is better, rather than waiting until you are in tremendous pain, and we aren’t here to help you. So, get in now and let us help you!
We will only be home for 2 days May 31st & June 1st , before we fly to Denver where Dr. Harper will be presenting at the AAO (American Academy of Ozone). Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. Joseph Mercola. He will be speaking about the “Cost of Pain.” Those of you that attend our monthly class here at the clinic will have seen part of his presentation already. Dr. Harper will really challenge practitioners on treatments they are doing and their affordability & effectiveness for patients. Too many times we see Doctors doing expensive treatments with minimal effectiveness. As anyone who has seen Dr. Harper as a patient, it has to be safe, easy, effective, and affordable for patients or it doesn’t work for us!
After this we are home for the summer and looking forward to long weekends on the lake, and busy weeks helping patients in the clinic!