With the institution of the 21 day stay home ordered last week you may be wondering what could possibly be happening at Harper Chiropractic! Good question! The Governor has rightfully deemed Chiropractic services as essential services. In order to serve our clients, we continue to be open for Chiropractic Care both routine and urgent care. We are scheduling patients 20-30 minutes apart in order to avoid people waiting together in our reception area. This also gives us ample time to sanitize between patients. This is the easy part.

The hard part is for each of us to remain active, engaged and ensuring that we keep a positive attitude during this forced isolation. In an effort to do this I challenged everyone last week to take up 1 healthy activity that they would like to make a habit of. It takes between 21-66 days to develop a habit. With the disappointing news from the President over the weekend that we are extending the stay home order for 30 more days we need to be diligent about being active and insuring that each day ends with our ability to look back and say that we accomplished 1 positive, productive thing for the day. Practicing positivity daily is another critical task that each of us must be responsible for daily. Take a break from the negativity that bombards us daily via the TV and internet! Get outdoors, breath, pray, praise and give thanks that we so far have NO active cases in Clearwater County and that we have a wealth of Health care professionals working diligently to minimize our risk.

To provide some entertainment and keep people engaged I am posting on Harper Chiropractic’s face book page some of the things that I do everyday to stay engaged and keep myself motivated. Some are productive and long overdue! Some are just plain silly! Please feel free to follow along if you like! You never know what I might be up to!!

Lastly I would like to remind everyone that we are Americans first, despite our differences. We fought for our right to be a sovereign country against the might of the Brits, we fought each other in a bloody battle that almost tore our country apart, we watched our own country under attack not to long ago and yet we are still here today. I just don’t see us being brought down by a virus of all things! We are made in America, and we are tougher than that!  In response from a Governor to fly the American flag to show our Solidarity during this time, we have raised a Flag in our driveway and I would ask each of you to display our flag to show our determination to get through this together, one nation under GOD! Let those flags fly like they did after 9/11!