Once upon a time before Covid-19 changed life as we know it likely forever many of us are looking forward to the end of the quarantine. Others of us may be looking at it with fear and trepidation let’s look at the situation realistically. We can safely say that we may see an increase in the incidents of Covid-19 once we begin to reopen. This is to be expected; however, reports are now finding that many people recently tested are showing antibodies that suggest they have already had the disease. This is not surprising to the practitioners we polled a few weeks ago asking what they were experiencing in their areas with the virus. Many commented that they had seen patients with these symptoms back in November and December. I also heard last night on the news that in LA county, where they currently have about 8000 active cases of Covid-19 , after testing 332,000 people nearly all showed antibodies, again suggesting that they had had the disease already. Now this information may not jive with what others are hearing, depending on where you get you news, this will likely impact how you feel about the reintroduction plan.
Let’s talk about some practical things we can all do to be responsible for our own health! Firstly, do NOT throw caution to the wind and forget about the good hygiene practices we have developed. Secondly, if you have any risk factors at all then continuing to self-quarantine may be your safest option until we work through the anticipated spike in incidents. Continuing to eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet will lower your risk of infection from any disease process. Vitamin D-3 levels above 70 also increase your body’s ability to resist disease and function optimally. For anyone interested in our Preconditioning Pak it is now available either at the office or through (OHS) Optimal Health Systems website. I am listening to a briefing right now and they are talking about the effectiveness for UV light in killing the virus. They are not saying definitively this is a cure all, but sunlight, humidity and warmer temperatures seem to have negative impacts on the virus. Again, this is not certain, however UV light is proven to kill virus and bacteria, and if you go to the CDC headquarters you will pass through a UV light prior to entering the building. This is something many alternative doctors have know for many years. We also have many commonsense things that people can do for themselves to improve their health. For those that are interested, we will provide a link to the Preconditioning brochure that is also available at the office (https://www.harper-chiropractic.com/coming-out-of-corona-what-now/)
We have also shared a link on the Chiropractic website and/or our facebook site, about the study out of Israel that found no increase in incidents based on countries that quarantined and those that didn’t’. We have many videos from Doctor Brenden Cochran with some great information that you can access as well. https://www.harper-chiropractic.com/news/
The message I want to leave you with today is that our health is NOT the responsibility of the government not now or EVER. Our health rests solely in our hands, which is exactly where it belongs! So, I encourage all of you to go forward, do what you feel is best as it relates to your health. Be safe and I look forward to seeing you all as life returns to a new normal!
Be safe and I look forward to seeing you all as life returns to a new normal!