Healthy Eating is only as hard as you make it!
How many times have you heard, or even used the excuse; eating healthy is expensive, or eating healthy is hard, (“it takes a lot of time and work!”) ? Well let me just say that it does take some effort to eat healthy, however I feel as if there is no better investment of time or money than that spent on ourselves and our health.
The single best thing that I’ve found to make everything as simple and easy as possible is prep! Planning what to eat for the week is the first step to success! Think about it like you were going to plan a weekend camping trip. You would decide what to bring make a list of what you wanted to eat and then you would make it happen! If there are things to make ahead you make them, if food has to be separated and placed in storage containers you do that. You make it happen!
So, think about your week like this, not only do you have the opportunity to create new and exciting things, but you will be treating your liver to a much-needed vacation filled with rest, relaxation and delicious nutritional support!
Step #1: Make a list, plan for each day’s meals. Make it fun! Be adventurous, try using the healthy foods list to create a day packed full for life giving nourishment for your liver!
Step #2: Go to the Grocery store (don’t forget your list!) and make it happen.
Step #3: With your menu in hand begin to prep your meals, cut up veggies for stir fry, season, and put in the fridge, make enough for several meals throughout the week. The longer it marinates the    more flavorful it will be!
Step #4: We like to make a hearty salad, enough to last the week so it’s easy to add a bowl full of fresh greens to any meal!
Step #5: Prepare and enjoy!
While this may seem like a ton of work, it is much easier than coming home at the end of the day, opening the fridge, and trying to figure out what to fix for dinner. I personally hate the feeling that comes with that scenario. If you do this I think you will find it is much easier and more rewarding to spend a bit more time and effort on the front end and certainly more
enjoyable and beneficial on the back end!
We got into the habit of doing this every weekend over the summer as we spent them on the reservoir, so we had to be planning and prepping every week!
Try it and let me know how it works for you, also feel free to share your successes and struggles with our community on our Facebook page!
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