Dennis Harper, DC Solving Life Book

…you know that the #1 question Dr. Harper gets asked by patients is…

“What is the #1 thing I can do for my health at home?”

And if you know Dr. Harper, you know the answer will be….

“get an ozone unit for your home!”

We realize that this is an easy thing to say to patients but can seem impossible for patients to manage.

The Next Question patients ask is….

“What the heck is ozone?”

Please refer to the link below for more information on ozone, it’s history and uses: CLICK HERE

But to give you all a “short version”… Medical O3, used to disinfect and treat disease, has been around for over 150 years. Used to treat infections, wounds and multiple diseases, O3’s effectiveness has been well-documented. It has been used to disinfect drinking water before the turn of the last century. Ozone is one of the safest, easiest things you can do to benefit your health and the health of your loved ones. We recommend Rectal and Vaginal Insufflation Therapy, as well as Ear Insufflation for tinnitus, macular degeneration, and sinus issues, ozonating water also has great health benefits.

If you know Dr. Harper, and you have asked the question, and he has recommended you invest in a home ozone unit, but you aren’t sure what to do next, I am here to help you!

We use Longevity ozone generators exclusively both in our office and in our home. Dr. Harper purchased his first ozone generator from Longevity about 12 years ago, and we are still using it today! We feel that the quality, ease of use, reliability, and customer service, and the consistent gamma output that Longevity provides just can’t be found in any other machine we have seen. (And we’ve seen our fair share!)

The T-50 and T-120 are the two units we would recommend based on your needs, space, treatment goals and financial considerations, you decide which would be right for you! Click Here For Details On The Units

Okay, let’s face it, buying the machine is probably the easiest part. Once you have it then what?!

There are lot of pieces and parts and who even knows what to do with them all! We recommend everyone use Industrial Grade oxygen, as it requires no prescription from a medical provider and is readily available anywhere they have welding supplies. Once you have a full tank you can visit our website to set up an ACTUAL IN PERSON CONSULT WITH SHIRLEY AND DENNIS HARPER. you will be able to video chat with Dr. Harper as he walks you through all your equipment, helps you set it up, test it, become familiar with it, shares important safety instructions and the Do’s, and Don’ts of ozone therapy. As I’m sure you realize there will be questions you have as you begin your home therapies, Shirley will be there to offer support, advice, and recommendations as you become an expert in home Ozone Therapy!


The EXT50

Longevity Home Unit Ozone Generator


The EXT120

Longevity Home Unit Ozone Generator