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Every company out there claims to be the best.  We did this study on the top 5 silver companies because we want to know which one actually is the best.

Orofino, Idaho, Santa Rosa California:  June 24th, 2014.  Scientists have performed the first independent study on a group of silver-based products for killing MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).  Silver has been used for decades for its known antimicrobial effect in promoting health and wellness.  To this effect, many silver-based products have made claims of superiority over other brands.  Two eminent oxidation therapy specialists, Dr. Dennis Harper and Dr. Robert Rowen, recognized the value in conducting independent and unbiased group studies that would definitively assess the antimicrobial efficacy of a range of recognized silver products, requiring study conditions where the products identification would not be disclosed.

Purpose: The core purpose of every silver-based health product is to kill pathogenic microorganisms. In this initial study conducted by the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, at Brigham Young University in Utah, the kill rate of a common and feared microorganism, MRSA; a deadly pathogen accountable for killing thousands of people each year worldwide, was tested using five silver-based formulations.

Methods: Dr. Rowen and Dr. Harper acquired five silver-based products by purchase through normal retail channels. These products were shipped to Dr. Rowen, who then blinded all five original bottles and randomly labeled each with letters A-E.  Dr. Rowen alone kept key codes for identifying the products.  He sent the blinded products directly to the microbiology lab, marked simply with a letter A to E.  Neither Dr. Harper nor Dr. Rowen was informed of the antimicrobial testing results. The test results were sent directly from the microbiology lab to George Gaboury, President of the San Francisco Tesla Institute, a grass roots organization which promotes the advancement and greater public awareness of science.  After receiving the test results, Gaboury was independently sent the key codes by Dr. Rowen. Gaboury then matched the lab results to the specific products A-E, in public at a scheduled meeting of the Tesla society.  The actual lab test results were reported to the group by Gaboury in an unaltered format.

There was a highly significant difference between the effectiveness of the five formulas in killing MRSA. Using the same AOAC clinical testing protocol to test all five products, one silver product, Solution C was found to be approximately 4,000 times more effective in antimicrobial activity than the second most effective silver-based product, Solution A, and approximately 1,000,000 times more powerful in antimicrobial activity than Solutions B, D and E.

Study Results: The complete study, including testing methods and results, can be requested by email. The official results of this study with the 5 silver products identified are as follows:

Test Solution Product Contact Time Log Reduction (LR)* Percent Kill (PK)
Solution A pH Structured Silver 2 min 2.74 99.82%
Solution B Argentyn 23® 2 min Approx. 0.28 Approx. 47.1%
Solution C ACS 200 Extra Strength® 2 min 6.35 99.999955%
Solution D OXYSILVER® 2 min Approx. 0.38 Approx. 58.3%
Solution E ASAP® 2 min Approx. 0.22 Approx. 39.7%

*Largest number is best

Discussion: Dennis Harper, D.C., N.D., and Founder of O3 Medical Services, specialist in ozone and vitamin treatment, stated: “ACS 200 could change the landscape in significantly strengthening antibiotics for fighting bacterial infections quickly and effectively. I was challenged by my fellow peers to find the best silver product, and up until now, no one had independently tested the comparative bacterial kill rates on a range of silver-based solutions. These results could pave the way for more effective patient treatment.”
Dr. Rowen and Dr. Harper currently teach at ACAM’s oxidation workshop, where many questions arise regarding conflicting data from various silver companies. These questions led to performing this independent study. Dr. Rowen says, “Until now it was a difficult process sorting out information attached to various silver products.  Dr. Harper and Dr. Rowen consulted with Dr. Richard Robison (Professor, Microbiology Dept. for Bingham Young University) about designing a valid test. He advised “You are attempting to kill germs with silver, so keep it simple with a standard kill test on the various products, a test which will demonstrate if the product actually does what you desire it to do.”

The kill rate effectiveness was assessed over 2 minutes and the results are expressed as a log reduction.  For accuracy, testing for each product was performed in triplicate.  For the layman, who might not understand the significance of logarithmic reduction; consider the Richter scale of earthquake magnitude, which is expressed in a log format.  A 7.0 earthquake is 10 times more powerful than a 6.0.  A 6.0 earthquake is 1000 times more powerful than a 3.0.  Revealed in this study, Solution C (ACS 200) has a greater than 3.61 log kill over the closest competitor, representing a 4,000 times greater kill than Solution A (pH Structured Silver).

The silver formula that’s creating all the excitement, Solution C (ACS 200) had a log reduction rate of 6.35, compared to the second best 2.74, resulting in a bacterial kill rate of 99.999955%, which is as close to  100% effectiveness as any scientific experiment can determine.

How does this research affect you and me?  Dr. Harper added, “We cannot make broad-stroke conclusions about any particular product based on the results of a single study, and believe it would be inappropriate to do so. In partnership, we will continue to fund further independent studies to reinforce the consistency of these truly amazing results. At the present, we have determined a highly effective silver-based solution which, when administered with antibiotics, will provide far superior patient outcomes. These test results are readily available to anyone who wants to contact me and find out more.”

Dr. Rowen commented, “One must appreciate the log scale. Let’s start with 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) organisms. Exposure to the second best product caused a 2.7 log (99.82%l) reduction in viable organisms, or 820,000,000, leaving 180,000,000 living MRSA organisms. The product with 6.35 log reduction (99.999955% kill) knocked out 999,999,550, leaving only 450 organisms. The other three products left over 500,000,000 living organisms in the given time period of exposure. This is simply too huge a difference to ignore, and begs that follow-up studies be conducted.”

Dr. Rowen has been intensely involved as a clinician in oxidation therapy since 1986. He currently serves as ACAM’s oxidation workshop chairman and teaches oxidation therapy seminars. He practices in Santa Rosa California.  Dr. Harper has been practicing ozone therapy for many years and practices in Orofino, Idaho.   He recently joined the ACAM oxidative workshop teaching staff.

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