By Shirley Harper
As we begin our journey on the “Road to Covid Recovery” there are many things to look forward to, however I feel it is important to look back as well and evaluate what we have learned after living through this phenomenon. Some of the things I have been looking at are what could I have done to better prepare myself (health wise) so that I am completely confident that my immune system can handle anything that comes along. One thing that I decided was that I needed to begin a periodic fasting routine to keep my immune system operating at peak efficiency. Just 72 hours of fasting will completely reset your immune system. I will be doing this at least once a month moving forward. The other things I should have been doing better were keeping processed foods out of my diet. It is just way to easy and convenient to let bad food slip into our diets! And when you stop and take a hard look at what your doing you realize that you are eating way more easy food and much less healthy food.
I am excited to announce that Harper Chiropractic Clinic will be starting up our monthly classes again in June. Our first get together will be Tuesday June 23rd at 6:00 pm here in the Clinic. We will spend some time talking about what has been happening with the Corona Virus. Is it real, is it a media frenzy, and just what the bottom line is? We will also talk about ways to prepare for the next event. We will be holding class monthly and would welcome any suggestions about topics of interest. You can submit them through the website or call in and tell the girls what you would like to know more about!
On another note we now have the Covid-19 Antibody test kits available here at the clinic for anyone interested in determining if you carry the Antibodies to the virus. Call the front desk to schedule your lab draw today!
Please Call the office at (208) 476-3158 and let the girls know if you
wish to attend our June 23rd class as seating is limited!
We look forward to seeing you there!