Nothing generates excitement quite like taking a vacation! Thinking about all the fun things to do, places to go, food, sightseeing! Just thinking about taking a vacation brings feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. Think about the amount of planning, preparation, and savings go into funding  all the things on your wish list. Many of us save for months, even years to get the vacation we want! My husband is a fanatic vacation planner, he spends hours watching YouTube videos, looking at hotels, planning every detail!

Okay, I didn’t intend to talk to you about vacations today, what I wanted to talk about was your health! What in the world do vacations and health have in common you might wonder? Obviously, you want to be healthy when vacation time rolls around, for me it’s all about being “bikini ready”. The point here is what if we looked at our health like we look at taking a vacation. Let’s break it down.

Step 1. Choose a destination; Where do you want your health to be? Remember it’s a vacation so dream big! Look at where you are now health wise, and where you want to be. What are the top 3 things that are important to you in a destination? Is it joint health, is it weight, and fitness, is it cosmetic? Is it eliminating stress, focusing on relaxation? How much money would you budget for flights and accommodations/procedures? Would you look at an “all inclusive” or would “ala carte” suit you better? Start budgeting now!

Step 2. What type of excursions interest you? Maybe a spa day, maybe an ATV excursion, a catamaran trip? Ok let’s set the budget, some basic labs, hormones, maybe a nutrient IV to nourish the body and boost the immune system. A knee injection for better mobility. Tune up that shoulder that isn’t working as smooth as it used to. Want to turn the clock back a few years and revitalize the entire system, pull out all the stops and go for a Biologic Allograft aka Stem Cell treatment.

The point is you would do all this for a week or two worth of fun, how much more value would you get from treating health care like a vacation and reap the rewards all year long. You have the power to  make everyday vacation day! Make your wish list, set your budget and prepare to be rewarded!