Never hesitate to call!
In the past 2 weeks Dr. Harper & I have lost 2 practitioners to Covid. These losses were particularly painful to us because neither person thought to call us for help.
The first death was a Chiropractor that we have known for many years that lives close to us and that we saw on a fairly regular basis. We were shocked when we heard of her passing. And while she had never taken any of the trainings we do, she was aware that we were treating people with Covid.
The second loss came as a shock and after speaking with the spouse, we were puzzled and deeply saddened to know that she had the training and the supplies necessary to treat herself yet in our opinion may have died needlessly at the hands of traditional medicine.
With that all said, we want to let you all know that we are here for you! If you are ill, or know someone that is, don’t wait! Give us a call and let us help you. We are having great success with our long haul Covid patients, as well as treating the breathing issues often associated with Covid.
If you aren’t familiar with our treatment protocols or would like more information, Dr. Harper is always coming up something new, that aligns with our criteria of safe, easy & highly effective!
Please if you have questions or need help don’t hesitate to reach out!
Wishing you all blessings of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in 2022. We are here for you! And to the families of those we have lost our thoughts and prayers are with you as we share your sorrow. Our friends will be missed.
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