New SignWe are busier than ever here in the clinic with our rebranding efforts. We have a design for our new sign and just received the quote on that. We are excited to be making headway and have a “To Do” list in place as we move forward. Our new signage is at the top of the list, we’ve measured rooms and will begin a room-by-room flooring makeover in the next few months, getting rid of the carpet and replacing it with laminate. There is a bit of roof repair to be done in the front where the roof met a motor home turning around in the parking lot, exterior painting is on the list right behind the roof repair!
We have our clinic class coming up on August 24th, 2021, at 6:00 pm. We will be Restarting our first in the series class for those who have never attended now is the perfect time to start! For those who have been at the beginning class already, you know there is always something new every class! Dr. Joshua Morris will be here to talk about the latest Peptide therapies. And for those who missed our July class we now have the Melanotan (Tanning) Peptide information available. I will be happy to answer questions or assist you in starting that program for those who are interested. Or you can stop by the office and pick up the information from Katie or Bridgett.
We are working with WebInk Designing (Stephanie Deyo) on our website presence and shifting everything to our new presence. There is much to do but we are excited for the opportunity to redevelop a truly functional and user-friendly website!
It is our intention to have a display booth at this year’s Clearwater County Fair where you can sign up for a chance to win some very exciting prizes! Be sure to look for our booth at the 73rd Annual Clearwater County Fair where “Sweet Delights & Carnival Lights” abound!