The New Norm

As I write this newsletter, we are on the last official day of our quarantine! I am excited about that; however, I also have a fair amount of trepidation about what will happen as we move forward with our 4 phase reintegration system the Governor has laid out. Many of us are ready to get back to the business of being in Business and working to support ourselves and our families! Many are beginning to see some of the promised monies for various sources which is no small relief. Many more are still waiting and wondering if or when we will get some relief!

Wherever you are in that mix I am sure , like me you are wondering what the “New Norm” will look like. I have no doubt that many things in our daily lives will change. I have heard recently that Medical Clearance will be required on Carnival Cruise Lines. Yes, you be required to have a release from your doctor affirming that you have no chronic health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and more. This type of restriction could possibly affect all International travel. This coincides nicely with the push for mandatory vaccination, and a convenient phone ap that tells where you are cleared to travel. Some in the government are attempting to use the “pandemic as a means of control for our population. You Tube and Face Book are deliberately removing posts that do not promote the political rhetoric being posted by many media outlets. This authoritarian trend should be concerning to all of us.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself and Dr. Harper as I share what our new norm will look like, however I am happy to share it with you as we are firm believers in practicing what we preach! Our new norm began last week with a 3 day fast to help get rid of any excess weight that we may have acquired during our confinement. We will continue this weekly to not only lose weight, but more importantly reset our immune systems to be in top form as we begin to venture out again. Fact: 72 hours of fasting completely reboots the immune system. It also reinvigorates your metabolism, clears your mind and gives you more energy. On the days we eat, we are staying mainly Keto, avoiding processed foods and any carbs that don’t come from vegetable sources. We are trying to walk every day to get some fresh air, some exercise and boost endorphins which are our feel-good hormones improving mood, fighting depression, and helping with restful sleep. Vitamin D is also a powerful adjunct to lifting mood, increasing immunity and providing the body with an essential component for optimal health and function. Staying well hydrated is  important to healthy organ function.

I am excited to share with you that we finally have access to the preconditioning pak that Dr. Harper had formulated for us by OHS (Optimal Health Systems) it is available for purchase by following the link provided. You will be able to see all the things that Dr. Harper feels are essential to achieve or maintain healthy function. They are all conveniently prepackaged in individual packets for daily consumption. Just imagine 1 simple pack of supplements rather than a counter or cupboard filled with bottles of supplements to deal with every day!

Dr. Harper is a huge proponent of giving patients things that they can do on their own to improve and maintain their health. If things are to complicated, or expensive patients will not realistically do them and that is counterproductive! We believe in giving you the tools to take responsibility for your own health, you cannot expect your doctor to care more about your health than you do! That is just a fact. I envision the new norm being much more focused on preconditioning ourselves to better withstand any disease process that we are faced with in the future and to weather the return to the “New Norm”

If you are interested in improving your health, or taking steps to maintain your current level of health and would like more information please contact us at or call the office to schedule an appointment at (208) 476-3158.