Santa says, if you are feeling more No, No, NO than Ho, Ho, Ho this holiday season let Gem State Holistic Health offer a couple of great gift ideas, guaranteed to be beneficial to your health, nonfattening, and truly unique!
What about an EMF canceling Home Shield, this is a wonderful, thoughtful, gift that an entire family can reap the benefits of! Imagine a gift that protects from the harmful, effects of energy that is emitted from all electrical devices, including phones, computers, microwave ovens and more, may improve sleep, and strengthen our cells thereby helping to strengthen our immune system; you can’t go wrong with a gift like that!
Looking for something more personnel, how about a personal EMF canceling necklace, or bracelet to wear when you are away from home. Come in and see what we have in stock or place an order if you don’t see what you like here or purchase a gift certificate and let your special someone come in & pick out what they like & I will order it for them!
Santa says how about a room ozonating travel unit. Simply plug into any standard outlet turn on and leave the room for 45 minutes, this machine will take odors out of the air, and kill virus and bacteria on surface areas. This machine is perfect for anyone who travels or wants an affordable way to sanitize up to 500 sq feet of space.
At Gem State Holistic Health, we wish you all a safe, happy, healthy, stress free, holiday Season!
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