We are really excited to announce that Dr. Harpers long awaited book “Solving Life” is now available for sale on Amazon! You can stop by the office and pick up a copy, we expect our shipment in next week, or you can use the link below to order your copy today!

We will continue to post more information as we finalize details for the Book Signing in May! Anyone purchasing a book through the office or online is encouraged to bring it to the book signing and have Dr. Harper personalize it for you!

Dennis Harper, Husband, Father, Business Owner, Chiropractor, Human Being. A simple man, a curious mind, and a lifetime of searching for the “cause of the cause.” Share one man’s journey and examination of why we follow the rules we do, who makes those rules, how they impact us, and the realization that we are free to choose the rules we follow! A simple approach to a complex life.

“ I discovered a short story of a full of life adventurer amplified by a sense of “adventure with purpose” and a harmonically balanced professionalism that is captivating.
It’s a read that touch’s knowledge unaware and turns it into an enlightened experience.  Dennis lays it out in such a way that says “hey, I can do that” and enjoy life looking forward to tomorrow’s sunrise.”