350 degrees
Appx 30 minutes (cooking times vary with size)

1 med-lg Zucchini
½-1 C. Cauliflower
½- 1 Red Onion
1-2 TBSP Garlic or to taste
1-2 C. Grated Cheese (we used Mozzarella & 3 cheese blend)
1-2 TBSP Hot oil or your favorite
1-2 C. Pre-seasoned Hamburger or Spicy Chicken Sausage (or both)
For a vegetarian option skip the meat and add additional veggies of your
Salt & Pepper to taste.
Hollow out your zucchini shells leaving appx ¼ inch of zucchini in the shell. Combine
zucchini, cauliflower, onion and spices coarse chop in a blender or food processor. Do
NOT liquify! Add meat mixture and cheese. Mix well. Fill shells with mixture, top with a
bit of cheese and a drizzle of oil if desired. Place on a greased cookie sheet mixture will
produce some liquid so be sure your baking pan has sides.
Cook 30 minutes or until shell is tender. Cut and serve.