Swapping Prescription Drugs for Holistic Medical Management

People with chronic pain who rely on NSAIDS, opiates, steroids and antidepressants seldom respond well initially to treatment. Long term use of these drugs may lead to a hypersensitive pain response. A little known side effect of steroid and NSAID use is that it stops the body from producing its own stem cells, thus true healing is not possible as long as use of these medications continue. Medical Management is therefore crucial to the successful treatment of these individuals.
Our goal is twofold; wean you, the patient, off chemical dependency, while treating the pain cautiously.  
At Gem State Holistic Health, our goal in long term pain elimination is to wean our patients off meds and develop a Medical Management System that include these key focus areas.

Medical Management Focus Areas

The initial consultation is key to determining the nature of the injury, pain triggers, previous treatments as well as the length of time and amount of medication required to allow you to perform normal activities of daily living.
Using Dr. Harper’s 4 Minute Exam technique, accompanied by some simple Neuro Therapy to make you more comfortable and make examination possible is a good first step in determining:
1: The presenting diagnosis is in fact correct, and
2: If the “pain” is an actual problem or if the pain is compensatory.
  • Due to the body’s innate tendency to fight through an injury, the injury can sometimes cause pain to other area’s as it strives to maintain homeostasis (balance). An example of this is; a patient presenting with knee pain, worsening since first noticed. Upon exam, it is found that the patient had a history of back injury, which either “resolved” prior to knee pain, shortly thereafter or is ongoing. This is a classic example of compensatory injury. Another example: back pain causes a change in gait causing pain in the knee.
Educating you on a full spectrum of Medical Management solutions requires addressing nutrition, evaluating thyroid function, hormone balance and stress levels…. all need to be evaluated to effect lasting pain relief/elimination.
Making a plan is important to a successful outcome. Taking into account the patient’s physical health, long term goals, priorities, income, and lifestyle are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Setting goals with realistic timelines and expectations is absolutely necessary.

Worse before it gets better

In some cases, pain can become more acute in the early stages of the program; this is normal and should be anticipated. As treatment continues, inflammation is reduced through dietary changes. PEMF therapy helps increase mobility, reduce inflammation, oxygenate the body and break down scar tissue allowing the body a more appropriate response to treatment…. and each patients journey is different!

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