You’ve probably heard it said that humans are sexual beings. Yes, indeed, you are a sexual being, and that is a good thing. Sex is innate to us as humans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s an integral part of ”being human throughout life.” With that in mind, what is sexual health and why should you care about it? Paying attention to your sexual health also means paying heed to your sex hormones. Your sex hormones are essential to the general state of your sexual health, as well as your physical health and wellbeing. Yes insufficient sex hormones contribute to a plethora of physical symptoms as well. Both men and women have three main sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Deficiencies in any of these  sex hormones will  adversely affect your sexual and general health as well. 

If you are male, your dominant sex hormone is testosterone. Any deficiencies in the level of this hormone can cause symptoms which may include a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle tone, body joint pains, and fatigue. These symptoms may also have psychological consequences; therefore, it is of utmost importance to address these issues. The sexual health of women also suffers when the dominant sex hormones in women, estrogen and progesterone, are found to be deficient. Testosterone is also important for women. In this event, a woman may exhibit symptoms such as irritability, hot flashes, severe fatigue, depression, and palpitations, muscle loss, and weight gain. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should schedule a hormone consultation with Dr. Joshua Morris, MD, here at GEM State Holistic Health. In our practice, we focus on natural remedies and non-chemical modalities over traditional medicine. While it’s easy to get a prescription for conventional medications, these often serve as band-aids rather than addressing the true issues, and many come with adverse side effects as well. 

We strive to instead use holistic methods of treatment, including Bio-Identical Hormones. These are man-made hormones that more closely resemble the body’s natural functions and can raise low levels of key hormones. This, in turn, will relieve the associated symptoms without causing harm. 

Take the first step towards hormone health by scheduling a lab draw for the hormone panel. This will be followed by a review once the lab results are back.  A consultation with Dr. Morris completes the process and gets you back on the path of a better sexual health. 

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