BraintapPeople who struggle to regulate and maintain their bodily functions, especially those with extreme stress, are always looking for ways to clear brain fog and get more energy. Though meditation, regular exercise, and various other coping mechanisms are helpful, finding time for those activities can be just as hard as doing them. Luckily, BrainTap offers a solution.
BrainTap is an auditory app that melds spoken word, music, and sound to balance brainwaves and optimize physical performance. It has the same beneficial effects of meditation, without demanding so much of your time and energy. According to Brain Tap, their “neuro-algorithm produces brainwave entrainment — the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound — with no user effort. The result of which is full-spectrum brainwave activity.” This helps make your brain more plastic, or able to change and develop. It can be most helpful to individuals struggling with anxiety, unsustainable weight gain or loss, irregular sleep schedules, and more. Braintapping creates a symphony for your brainwaves, ripening them for positive productivity.  It is unique in that it taps into all kinds of wave patterns, not just the Alpha State, which is an increase in alpha wave activity associated with a calm, peaceful relaxation.
The four key elements utilized to “enable brain entrainment” are listed and explained below.
Binaural Beats
These are two different tones, one played into each ear, that are very close in frequency. However, the minute difference between the two creates a frequency associated with a deep meditative state, a third tone that your brain perceives. Normally, it would take the average person quite a long time to master that kind of meditative state, but with BrainTap, that ability is at your fingertips!
Guided Visualization 
While guided visualization (through spoken word) requires you to set aside time for relaxation, it has been shown to improve physical and mental states immensely.
10-Cycle Holographic Music
BrainTap’s 360 sound environment allows participants to wholly immerse themselves in guided visualization experiences.
Isochronic Tones
These are rapid, equal pulses of sound separated by a period of silence. According to BrainTap, these tones are discrete and, therefore, very easy for the brain to follow.
If you’ve struggled to maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, this may be the tool you need to get yourself up and running. BrainTap offers multiple plans to fit your health and monetary needs and is easily accessible on smart devices.
If you would like to give Brain Tap a try you can download the audio portion to your phone through an app. If you would like to try the full experience please call the office at (208) 476-3158 to schedule an appointment. Ask for the “Brain Tap Trial”
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