It is my duty to inform you that this will be the very last EVER Happenings at Harper Chiropractic article you will be reading in the Clearwater Tribune!

For those of you that attended Dr. Harper’s Book Signing, or the Clinic Class held on Tuesday May 18th this announcement will not come as a surprise. For the rest it may actually be a shock!

Let me assure that the shock will not be an unpleasant one by any means! We are extremely excited to announce that Harper Chiropractic Clinic is changing its name to:

The Jewel of Health Care in the Clearwater Valley.

Dennis and I have discussed changing the clinic name several times over the last 6-8 years. We would toss around some ideas, but the timing just wasn’t right, we got busy, etc. It has come to our attention since we began doing the Free Health talks and seeing a more diverse patient base that we really are offering more than just Chiropractic Care. Many of the services we offer can’t be found in many other parts of the State, and let’s face it; Clearwater Valley has been done to the extreme here! Gem State is more reflective of the many we serve throughout not only Idaho but the northwest and beyond. We also wanted to indicate our emphasis on Preventive care rather than Pharmaceutical care. It is much easier  and more cost effective to promote healthy lifestyle choices than to manage disease. We look forward to increasing our scope of services over the next few months and ideally bringing like minded practitioners to offer a variety of Holistic services for our patients.

Stay tuned for our “Rebranding” Reveal later in the summer, where we will have our new Logo on display and some new signage on the building!

Our next Clinic Class is scheduled for June 22nd, 2021, 6:00 pm at Gem State Holistic Health (the clinic formerly known as Harper Chiropractic)  We will be discussing Conditions and will have a bonus Guest Speaker! Joshua Morris, MD will talk to us about LDA (Low Dose Antigen Allergy Treatments) as well as what’s new in the Treatment of Hashimoto’s Disease. (I think I will have to stop using Clinic Class and call it something else!) Please call 208-476-3158 to reserve your seat as space is limited! If you would like more information about LDA Treatment go to . or The American Academy of Environmental Medicine or simply google LDA.

Office hours will be Monday 10:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm and beginning June 1st Dr Harper will be “gone Fishing” on Fridays. The office will remain open for business until noon on Fridays.

So, the next time you hear from us it may be “Goings on at Gem State Holistic Health!