Last week we talked about the #1 thing Dr. Harper recommends to patients for home Treatment. Today we will explore another great machine that can have a significant impact on staying healthy at home.

The Triad Clean Aer Machine would be in our top 3 items to use in your home to clean the air and take the electrical charge out of particles that float allowing us to breath them into our lungs. This includes dust, pet dander, as well as virus and bacteria. For those of you that are avid essential oil diffusers you want to get this machine! When we have particles floating in the air and we diffuse essential oils we are effectively coating all of those particulates with oil prior to inhaling them into our lungs! Effectively negating any positive benefit, we might experience from the oils we are diffusing!

As if this weren’t a great health benefit in and of itself, the Triad Clean Aer Machine also has a “Clean “ Cycle where you can ozonate your area. By ozonating your home, you are effectively killing harmful virus and bacteria that may be living on surfaces in your home. What a comfort in these times to be able to set your clean cycle to run from 2-8 hours in the morning as you leave for work and know that all the surfaces in your home will be germ free.

You may be thinking that is a mighty big claim to make and in truth it is. However, know that professional sports teams use this same technology in their locker rooms routinely to eliminate bacterial, viral, and fungal problems before they start!

And the best part is that there are no expensive replacement filters to buy and care and maintenance are simple, require some soap and water and white vinegar and a few easy-to-follow instructions.

For more information and to get your discount code go to and follow the link. Or visit https;// and use the discount code ID-HARP20437