Seasonal Allergies –

Can Antigen Therapy Help?

Seasonal allergy sufferers are always looking for a way to find relief without inconvenient side effects. Low-dose antigen therapy, or LDA, is an exciting alternative that many with sneezing and sniffles need to know about. Let’s look at how low-dose antigen therapy works and why it could be a viable option for you.
LDA was introduced in the U.S. in the early 1970s based on observations by Dr. Leonard McEwen, a British scientist. Dr. McEwen found that when he combined ultralow doses of allergens with an enzyme in the body called Beta-Glucuronidase that many allergy symptoms came under control. This happens because the body activates T-suppressor cells, which keep the body from overreacting.
LDA is administered through intradermal injections every few months, usually for about two years. Success rates hover around 80-90%. Many people might worry about a severe allergic reaction, but the doses are ultralow and reactions are often seen at the injection site. A fatal reaction to LDA has never been reported, and patients can be pre-treated with steroid medication if there is a concern.
The fantastic thing about LDA therapy is that the effects are almost immediate. The full benefits of this antigen therapy may take a little longer depending on how complex the allergy issue is and how long the patient has had symptoms. LDA is ideal for patients with severe allergies that can develop throat tightness, asthma attacks, or other severe reactivities during allergy testing or treatment. LDA is unique because it does not require testing.
LDA therapy can also be given sublingually if you identify a narrow range of triggers, such as multiple trees or grass pollen types. Sublingual LDA is often an excellent alternative for children fearful of injections. Patients can also use this type of immunotherapy to treat chemical and food allergies.
Instead of desensitizing and suppressing your immune system to find relief, try low-dose antigen therapy and retrain your immune system instead. If you have more questions and want to see if LDA is the right treatment for your symptoms, contact us today and we can help!
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