Prime Rib
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Twas the week before the staff Christmas party and Dr. Harper was planning & prepping for the big event! Spaghetti sauce bubbled on the stove while the Prime Rib did a slow thaw in the fridge. Spaghetti squash lined the counter tops. Shrimp & Asparagus marinated peacefully awaiting the big day when they would be dressed in Bacon and roasted in a warm oven.

Shirley was busy spreading Christmas Cheer throughout the house, gathering all the ingredients for a festive Champagne Punch and Spicy Bloody Mary’s!

On the night before the Christmas Party the Prime Rib, fully trimmed, the bone cut away, seasoned, marinated, and tied back together a thing of beauty to rival Dr. Frankenstein’s finest creation. The shrimp & asparagus were dressed in their finest, spaghetti squash was cooked to perfection. Olives, onions, pepperoni, and cheese were skewered and ready to take a spicy dip. The homemade pumpkin pies were lined on the counter vying for attention with the Blueberry Peach cobbler, both waiting to see if ice cream or whipped cream would the accessory of choice!

The meal was prepped and ready, the guests arrived appropriately hungry and thirsty! I would have to say that a good time was had by all, & no one went home hungry.

We are on the countdown till Christmas and will be working through the 21st.

Mark your calendars as Thursday the 21st will be our Patient Appreciation Open House. We will have some prizes to give away and light refreshments all day. Please stop by and share some Christmas cheer with us!