weekend By Shirley Harper
It is a pleasure to be back home, far away from the subzero temperatures of Idaho Falls! We did have a very successful weekend training doctors at the Healing Sanctuary, a clinic housed in a gorgeous old church.
Dr. Harper and I and our dear friend and colleague Brenden Cochran NMD from the Seattle area joined forces to help them implement the Harper Restoration System of treating patients into their practice. Dr. Harper treated staff, and saw some of their patients, helping their practitioners to treat them while they learn the techniques we use every day.
We are glad to be home and 40 degrees and rain never looked so good!!
Dr. Harper, Dr. Morris, I & our wonderful staff are gearing up for the Class tomorrow night. The staff has alerted me that we are scheduled to have a FULL house.
Personal update on my In Body experience. I rechecked my scan after 2 weeks of some mild strength training just doing 3-4 exercises and increasing my protein intake has me instead of “underweight & obese” now weighing in as “average weight & weak”. I’m very excited to see that a small amount of effort can indeed make a positive impact! I will be tracking myself closely as I’m interested in how much or how little effort it takes. The real trick to improving our health is finding solutions that we can LIVE with. Not doing crazy fad diets that help you lose a few pounds, (of muscle) then gaining more weight later.
Join us tonight for the unveiling of our ASPIRE program!