InBody ScannerBy Shirley Harper

As I reported last week our “InBody” scanner has arrived and today I am happy to report that it is up and running. I spent last Thursday scanning myself and the girls in the office! One thing I am super excited about is that this machine is something everyone can use! It is not just for people that want to lose weight. Each and every one of us can reap the tremendous benefit and vital insights into our health by knowing more about what our bodies are composed of.
So, what I found out is that I am “Below Average Weak” Characterized by Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass below the healthy range, with a relatively High Ratio of Fat to Muscle. While some may look at this and think “so what’s the big deal?” From a health standpoint it really is a big deal. It puts me at a higher-than-average risk of injury from a fall, it tells me I don’t have the protein stores to support me in the event of injury or illness or even to fully support my immune system. It also tells me this could be due to inadequate absorption of nutrients, maybe metabolic dysfunction, or “in the elderly” sarcopenia (muscle wasting disease). Thanks to the Body Composition Analysis I know that my problem is basically I need to eat more protein and I need to exercise to build muscle! In other words, I’ve been lazy and need to make some changes!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter which end of the scale we’re at we can all be healthier, and the In Body Scanner can provide some invaluable insights into improving your health! How often do we get to take a sneak peek into our own bodies to see what’s really going on!
During our Clinic Class on Tuesday the 21st at 6:00 pm we will focus on our new ASPIRE program, what it is, what it isn’t, and what we hope to achieve with the program. Please call to see if space is available as we’ve had quite a few people expressing an interest in attending.
For those interested, you can download a copy of the food diary to get a baseline of your eating habits. This is a great tool whether you join the ASPIRE Program or just what to establish some healthier eating habits.
It is our intention to begin offering the In Body Scan at no cost to our current patients beginning the last week of February. I want to get the staff trained so we can all use the machine before we have our patients in. Things to remember before you scan: Empty stomach, Post restroom, Light cloths, (you will be barefoot for the scan) so footwear that is easy to remove will be best, scan before exercising or showering.
We look forward to seeing you soon! Inside & out!