By Shirley Harper

We have 2 weeks of “vacation” under our belts and have “dove” into our training event!

As I write this article, we are winding down from another successful training event. We had a day of relaxation and networking on a wonderful day on the water watching whales play! Friday was day one of class and it was a full day. Dr Harper worked all day without even a lunch break!
We treated doctors, spouses, and some local people. Saturday was more of the same.  As you can see by the pictures, it was brutal!! Lol
Exciting news in the office is that our Inbody Scanner is scheduled to be delivered on Monday! This is an integral part of our new ASPIRE program that we will be unveiling at our clinic class on February 21st at 6:00pm in the clinic.
For those of you that may be interested please go to  and see the list of recommended blood work to have done and download the food log and start filling it out. Those things will be required for participation in the program. This is not a “weight loss” program. It is a program designed to improve your health, help you balance you hormones, and achieve healthy lifestyle habits with realistic sustainable results. The InBody scanner tells us about different types of body fat and where they are deposited. They also talk about muscle mass etc. We will use the scanner as an assessment tool as well as a measurement of progress.
We will be spending one more week here in paradise then we return.
We will be back in the office on Monday morning. Until then Dr. Mitch Sill is seeing patients until our return!
Adios from paradise!

Humpback whales in Bandares Bay

Group PHoto Mexico

Our group picture from a boat we chartered!


Humpback whales in Bandares Bay