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By Shirley Harper
By the time you read this, we will be relaxing on the beach in beautiful Puerto Vallarta! I wanted to remind you that Dr. Mitch Sill will be here filling in for Dr. Harper while we are gone. He is well able to serve all your Chiropractic needs while we are gone. However, he is not able to do the CDL Physicals and hopefully you all got them scheduled and done before we left!
Several other items of note, Dr. Morris has the FAA Physical Program up and running now (see the ad in this week’s paper.) To kick off this new program he is offering a $50.00 discount to the first 5 people scheduling an appointment!
We have set the date for our next monthly Clinic Class. We will meet Tuesday February 21st, at 6:00pm here in the clinic. We will be sharing details about our newest program! I hesitate to call it a weight loss program as it is about so much more than that. True and lasting weight loss can only be achieved when our bodies are “running on all cylinders”
We are tentatively calling this new program ASPIRE (Achieving, Safe, Practical, Insightful, Results, Everyday). We want you to ASPIRE to new levels of lasting health and wellbeing.
Excited to get started?
Go to to download the symptom sheets, and food diary to get a head start on this exciting new program and then join us on February 21st for all the details!
One more bit of housekeeping; Effective February 1st there will be a minimal increase in the cost of our services. There will also be changes to some insurance coverages. If your coverage is one that is changing you will receive a letter from our staff, otherwise this does not apply to you!

Dr. Harper, Dr. Morris, the staff , and I appreciate you all and thank you for making us look forward to coming to work every day. (except for those vacation days😉 )