5 Steps To Getting Started With ASPIRE


5 steps to getting started with our ASPIRE Program! Schedule your lab work with the front desk to have labs drawn here or ask for a list of the labs we want and have them

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The Link between Obesity and Omega 6 Fatty Acids.


The percentage of those over 18 who are obese now sits at 41.9% – clearly an epidemic. But what’s causing it? --- Reposted from www.drjosephmercola.com 03-22-2023 https://drjosephmercola.com/obesity-is-a-brain-disease/ STORY AT-A-GLANCE There’s an ongoing effort to categorize

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Happy Daylight Savings Time to All! I always love coming from the dark dreary winter months into the light and sunshine of spring! I woke up this morning with a “spring” in my step and

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See our INBODY Scanner in action!


By Shirley Harper As I reported last week our “InBody” scanner has arrived and today I am happy to report that it is up and running. I spent last Thursday scanning myself and the girls

See our INBODY Scanner in action!2023-02-06T22:34:37+00:00
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